“I despise the kind of book that tells you … how to make yourself happy! The first duty of philosophy is making you understand what deep shit you are in.”
— Slavoj Žižek (via philolzophy)

(via ofpeachesandpears)

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce: The Motherlode. 

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”
— Joan Didion

Talamak | Toro y Moi

“And why don’t you write? Write! Writing is for you, you are for you; your body is yours, take it. I know why you haven’t written. (And why I didn’t write before the age of twenty-seven.) Because writing is at once too high, too great for you, it’s reserved for the great - that is, for ‘great men’; and it’s ‘silly.’ Besides, you’ve written a little, but in secret. And it wasn’t good, because it was in secret, and because you punished yourself for writing, because you didn’t go all the way…”
The Laugh of the Medusa | Hélène Cixous

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the genius that is this video? 

Okay? Okay. 

Around the World | Daft Punk

Sometimes, I still miss you, and the need never ceases. From the moment I fell for you and for every moment since, I still need you so much closer. 

Transatlanticism | Death Cab for Cutie

Moment of rude realisation: finding out that the daughter of your favourite chinese pop star is now 17 (a lady grown), finding out that she’s a singer as well, and finding out that you dig her music. 

I’m aaaaannnncient. 

My Day | Leah Dou

Currently blaring in my speakers and blowing my mind. 

“Il dolce suono mi colpì di sua voce!”
— Il Dolce Suono | Gaetano Donizetti

One of the best soundtracks that I’ve ever come across. It’s quietly beautiful and yet rousing at the same time. 

Her (OST) | Arcade Fire & other artists

Believe it or not, the Sinead O’Connor version of this song used to be my alarm clock ring tune. Safe to say that I woke up feeling depressed every day. 

Then I found out that Prince was the original singer of this glorious song. Now, this one is all about cathartic release. 

Nothing Compares To You | Prince ft. Candy Dulfer